Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Trophy List

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All Trophies Collected
Destroy Radar emplacement
Disable the SAM sites
Successfully hold the beachhead
Capture the airfield
Extract the downed air crew
Get to the extraction chopper
Secure the fuel depot
Rescue the hostages
Eliminate the PLA mortar site
Reach the extraction point
Assault the Naval base
Find the PLA helicopter and fly it around Skirinka Island in Dragon Rising
Eliminate the PLA Commander in Blinding The Dragon
Destroy the PLA APC at the top of the beach in United We Stand
Destroy the fleeing PLA transport helicopter in Eagle Offense
Destroy the PLA armored units around the village in Powder Trail
Destroy all of the PLA fuel trucks in Hip Shot
Eliminate the remaining troops on the second line with one mortar barrage in Bleeding Edge
All hostages must survive in Looking for Lois
Ensure all of the Abrams reach the supporting fire position in Trumpet's Sound
Eliminate Han and the radio station with one JDAM in Decapitation
Pilot an MH-60S safely to the designated landing zone in Dragon Fury
Complete the campaign on any difficulty
Complete the campaign on Hardcore difficulty
Call in your first air strike
Call in your first artillery barrage
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT mine
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AT weapon
Kill an enemy vehicle with an AA weapon
Kill an enemy with a helicopter without using its weapons
Kill or incapacitate 25 enemies
Kill or incapacitate 50 enemies
Kill or incapacitate 100 enemies
Complete a mission without directly killing anyone yourself
Apply a field dressing to an injured friend in Co-op
Apply the field dressing to other wounded soldiers 20 times