One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition Trophy List

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Earn all trophies.
Finish the prologue.
Finish Episode 1.
Finish Episode 2.
Finish Episode 3.
Finish Episode 4.
Finish Episode 5.
Finish Episode 6.
Finish Episode 7.
Finish Episode 8.
Finish the final episode.
Perform an action correctly.
Perform Luffy's Deflect 100 times.
Perform Zoro's Cut Down 100 times.
Steal items or Beli 100 times with Nami.
Land 200 attacks with Usopp in Sniper Mode.
Perform Sanji's Cookstrike 50 times.
Perform Chopper's Create Remedy 50 times.
Get 30 items using Robin's Read Tablet skill.
Build 50 cannons with Franky's Place Cannon skill.
Perform Brook's New World skill 50 times.
Finish 60 quests.
Finish the "Beyond the Strongest" quest in 3 minutes or less.
Finish the "Strongest in the World" quest in 6 minutes or less.
Finish the "Proud Pirate Crew" quest in 6 minutes or less.
Defeat a total of 5000 enemies.
Perform your characters' special skills a total of 100 times.
Complete a strong voice sequence.
Complete 300 strong voice sequences.
Travel a total of 50000m.
Catch 13 types of insect.
Catch 14 types of fish.
Complete a full insect and fish collection.
Complete the full Character Gallery.
Complete the full Word Gallery.
Develop an expansion at the inn
Complete 15 expansions.
Finish all expansions.
Eat 100 dishes from the restaurant.
Harvest 30 times in the garden
Craft 100 items at the pharmacy.
Develop 100 items at the factory.
Earn 50000 Beli from the museum.
Power up 100 strong words.
Say hello to townspeople 300 times.
Use Gum Gum Rocket 500 times.
Complete 10 scratch cards.
Reach level 50 for any character.
Reach level 40 for all characters.
Have 100000 Beli in possession.
Have 5000 pirate points in possession.
Break 300 or more crates, barrels, or wooden benches.
Finish a quest in co-op mode.
Use Fire Bird Star to hit the World Government flag in Enies Lobby.
Finish the Difficult Main Story.
Finish the Battle Coliseum.
Finish all boss quests.