OKAGE: Shadow King Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Open the water valve in the church.
Recruit two allies to join your party.
Correctly answer Stan's questions for him to execute a bonus attack.
Use a Mega Stone to cure an ailment.
Use a Mega Charm to cure a curse.
Give a donation to Madril's Research Center.
Acquire the Forgotten Sword.
Use a Black Cat Jewel in battle.
Successfully paralyze an enemy.
Acquire the Hand Knit Cap from the Sickly Pretty Girl.
Defeat the Sewer Evil King.
Defeat the Bubble Evil King.
Defeat the Former Chairman Evil King.
Defeat the Big Bull Evil King.
Defeat the Teen Idol Evil King.
Defeat the Phantom Evil King.
Defeat the Vampire Evil King.
Acquire the Q of Hearts weapon.
Reach level 30 with three characters.
Complete the Cyphertext quest.
Purchase a piece of armor for over 100,000 sukel.
Purchase a weapon for over 100,000 sukel.
Revive an ally during battle.
Accrue 500,000 sukel.
Obtain the Unicorn's Horn.
Reach level 70 with three characters.
Defeat Beiloune in the final battle.
Receive a Compatibility Gift.
Collect 30 Tiny Gears.