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Trigger all random events.
Complete tasks 200 times.
Pick up 1000 items off the road.
Trigger the oasis event.
Fill all the empty space on the ship through building.
Expel a mouse in the desert.
Get a total of 128 mice.
Listen to all the rumors in all the towns.
Attack an enemy using Emperor Bomba.
Listen to the mice's mumblings 10,000 times.
Defeat all enemies.
Make it to the ending without defeating the Desert Dweller. (Also achievable on 2nd play through.)
Defeat the Desert Dweller. (Also achievable on 2nd play through.)
Craft 20 Natural Cheeses.
Cross the desert without defeating a single enemy. (Also achievable on 2nd play through.)
Obtain all items and complete the Item Guide.
Get all items from one dung.
Cross the desert while holding the Golden Pocketwatch.