Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas Trophy List

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Collect your first 25 coins
Read at least 10 signs
Get father's sword and shield
Ship an item to another island
Melt objects 15 times using Fire Spell
Find your first Piece of Heart
Defeat the Cepedes of Abandoned Mines
Use your wits to reveal the hidden treasure
Break a crate with Trencher Boots
Collect Bloodstones from all over the world
Reach the highest Adventurer Level
Visit all islands of Uncharted Seas
Defeat every kind of monster in the game
Kill 50 Spawn
Get all 8 heart containers
Kill an enemy with a laser beam
Study the Arcadian History
Clear the entrance to Grand Core
Kill three enemies with a single sword blow
Kill an enemy by pushing a crate
Smash 50 skeletons to pieces
Bounce an enemy with a shield 10 times
Release the Direfolk's prisoner
Use bombs to break walls 10 times
Lift the curse from the Forest Shrine
Move crates and other objects 100 times
Protect the Peace in Tikarel
Spend 2 000 coins in the shop
Perform 10 successful combo attacks
Collect 1000 coins
Kill an enemy with a burning arrow
Find out what happened to Honey Man
Collect 10 Cursed Skulls
Beat the Creation No. 2
Swim to Canals
Catch one fish of every kind