Obut Pétanque 2 Trophy List

Petanque King! Petanque King!
Unlock all Trophies
Loyal consumer Loyal consumer
Buy an item in the shop
Sniper! Sniper!
Score 50 points during a precision match
Buy them all! Buy them all!
Buy everything in the shop
Eagle eye Eagle eye
Score 75 points during a precision match
Fanny! Fanny!
Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Easy Level
Who’s Fanny now? Who’s Fanny now?
Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Medium Level
The Fanny Master The Fanny Master
Win a match without letting your opponent score any points in Hard Level
Nice Start Nice Start
Win a game
Great win! Great win!
Win a match while beating your opponent by at least 7 points (in a 13 point match)
I understand Petanque... I understand Petanque...
Finish the Tutorial
Professional thrower Professional thrower
Score 25 points during a precision match
Ultimate player Ultimate player
Maximize the stats of one player in your team
Ultimate team Ultimate team
Maximize the stats of at least 3 players in your team
Prince of the Tournament Prince of the Tournament
Win 15 tournaments in Career mode
Finally... Finally...
Win 4 championships in Career mode
Good end Good end
Win an end 2-0
Great end! Great end!
Win an end 3-0
A great experience A great experience
Buy 30 skill levels
More levels please! More levels please!
Buy 40 skills levels
Never enough! Never enough!
Buy 60 skills levels
Carreau Carreau
Make a carreau
Carreau Hero! Carreau Hero!
Make a carreau 6 times in a game
Surgical strike... Surgical strike...
Make a pointer shot within 5cm of the jack
A little practice? A little practice?
Complete 50 training sessions
All or nothing... All or nothing...
Go from losing to winning on the last throw of the end
Is there a problem? Is there a problem?
Come back from 7 points down to win
Nothing ventured, nothing gained Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Involve the same member in all Training sessions between two championship matches
I'm a fighter! I'm a fighter!
Win 3 championship games in a row
Hardcore gamer Hardcore gamer
Play 100 games in Career mode
Petanque Veteran Petanque Veteran
Win 100 games in Career mode
Super Smash! Super Smash!
Hit two opposing boules with a single throw