Nom Nom Galaxy Trophy List

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Play the game at 11:11
Complete the tutorials
Blend and ship your first soup
Defeat your first rival soup company
Eat 10 different ingredients
Defeat 5 Queens
Use the Hopper EX to kill a Shroomba
Chew 5 Galactic Gums at once
Complete 5 days in other players games
Help ship 100 cans of soup for other players
Earn a medal in 5 co-op challenges
Create a factory with every type of robot
Create and ship the legendary 'Nutrient Nova' soup
Create a factory with 5 soup machines that do not use any of the same ingredients
Spend over 100,000 gold
Create a 100 piece factory in Conquest or S.O.O.P. Sim
Unlock all available upgrades
Discover 50 different flavours of soup
Discover 100 different flavours of soup
Earn a medal in all Challenge types
Earn a medal in 5 Challenges
Earn a medal in 10 Challenges
Earn a medal in 20 Challenges
Achieve an Elite medal in any Challenge
Unlock 10 Astro Pins
Unlock 40 Astro Pins
Unlock All Astro Pins
Unlock the first Gravlock
Unlock the second Gravlock
Unlock the third Gravlock
Defeat all rival soup companies in the campaign