Ninjin: Clash of Carrots Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Clear stage 1-1.
Defeat General Jam in World 1.
Defeat the Ice Troll in World 2.
Defeat the Summoner in World 3.
Venture into the Summoner's dark world.
Defeat the final boss Sum-Moe-Ner and clear the game.
Get an S-rank medal in a stage.
Get an S-rank medal in every stage.
Collect 30 swords.
Collect all swords.
Collect 15 projectile items.
Collect all projectile items.
Collect 10 artifacts.
Collect all artifacts.
Equip an accessory.
Collect 10 accessories.
Collect all accessories.
Beat stages using a sword of every class.
Play a stage in co-op mode.
Play in the Oni TV Show.
Reach wave 50 in the Oni TV Show.
Make Corgi Jr. dizzy in the shop.
Reach a combo of 100.
Reach a combo of 500.
Cheat in Moe Jr.'s challenge in stage 4-4.
Clear wave 6 in stage 1-4 without taking damage.
Beat a stage without using swords.
Beat a stage without using projectiles.
Beat a stage without dashing.
Defeat 100 enemies.
Defeat 3000 enemies.
Spend 20000 carrots at the shop.
Spend 1000 rainbow carrots at the shop.