NieR: Automata Trophy List

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Stare into space from the Bunker.
Arrive at the city ruins.
Complete the desert area.
Complete the amusement park ruins.
Complete the alien ship.
Complete the forest castle.
Complete the flooded city.
Complete the copied city.
Complete the abandoned factory.
Achieve ending A.
Achieve ending B.
Watch 2B die.
Control A2 for the first time.
Grant Pascal's final request.
Stop all resource recovery units.
Watch the final moments of Devola and Popola.
Achieve 9S's ending.
Achieve A2's ending.
View the final credits.
Have your body collected.
Have 100 bodies collected.
Complete your first quest.
80% of all quests completed.
80% of all archives found.
80% of all unit data unlocked.
80% of all plug-in chips collected.
All Pod programs obtained.
Any weapon upgraded to the highest level.
All weapons upgraded to the highest level.
All Pods upgraded to the highest level.
Play your first hacking game.
100 machine lifeforms destroyed by hacking.
50 machine lifeforms destroyed by remote control.
50 machine lifeforms destroyed with berserk mode.
255 enemies destroyed using a flight unit.
Materials gathered at a hidden harvest point 10 times.
All Pods found.
At least 100,000 G in possession.
Any animal ridden for 5 kilometers.
20 different kinds of fish caught.
10 friendly machine lifeforms destroyed.
2B's secret discovered 10 times.
1 hour played with 9S in a certain state.
Emil's shop used for the first time.
Emil destroyed.
All endings achieved.
The place of memories has been visited.