Nickelodeon Kart Racers Trophy List

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Unlock every trophy.
Win a victory lap.
Win your first race.
Win a Cup in easy mode.
Win all Cups in easy mode.
Win a Cup in Normal mode.
Win all Cups in Normal mode.
Use boost for the first time.
Break 5 objects in a single race using boost.
Play as each racer at least once.
Win with all racers.
Win at the last second in Grand Prix Mode.
Activate the Slime valve for the first time.
Activate the Slime in all the locations.
Take down at least 3 opponents in a single race.
Use a custom power up for the first time.
Use custom power ups for all the racers.
Beat your record for first time.
Co-operative special attack for the first time.
Modify your kart for the first time.
Compete in the Arena for the first time.
Compete 10 times in each Arena mode.
Find a shortcut.
Put in the miles on the jetski.
Win a Cup in Expert mode.
Win all Cups in Expert mode.
Win 9 victory laps.
Unlock every upgrade in the store.