Next Up Hero Trophy List

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Earn all Trophies
Complete a Venture with a 'S' Rank
Choose to Extend a Venture
Choose to Kill a Boss
Unlock 35 Abilities
Unlock 9 Prestige Characters
Summon 8 unique Ancients
Summon 4 Ancients on a single level
Defeat 100 Buckles
Participate in a completed, Epic Length Venture
Participate in a completed, Long Length Venture
Successfully navigate a Darkness! Level
Successfully complete a Single enemy encounter!
Successfully complete a Time Limit Trial! Level
Successfully complete a Mayhem Level
Defeat 100 Dark Heroes
Participate in a Venture which gets completed with at least 500 Levels.
Raise up the Echo of yourself
Raise up 15 Echoes in a single level
Raise 10 of the same House Echoes in a single level
Control a Follower while Spectating
Complete 5 straight levels, without dying, on a single playthrough.
Invest enough Prestige to trigger a random Rare Enemy while Starting a Game Venture
Get killed by every unique enemy in the game
Kill 3 Enemies with 1 Prestige Paladrin Shield Throw
Raise 15 Symposer Echoes in a single level
Complete a Venture with a 'A' Rank
Complete a Venture with a 'AA' Rank
Complete a Venture with a 'AAA' Rank
Have your Hero Die