NeverEnd Trophy List

NeverEnd Platinum NeverEnd Platinum
All NeverEnd trophies achieved!
First Blood First Blood
Kill your first enemy
Shopper Shopper
Buy your first item
Respawn Respawn
First death
MiniBoss Slayer MiniBoss Slayer
Kill your first mini boss
Costumer Costumer
Buy all items
Halfway Halfway
Finish the second quest
MiniBoss Slayer 2 MiniBoss Slayer 2
Kill every mini boss in one run
Regualr Costumer Regualr Costumer
Collect all hats
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Konami code Konami code
Secret Trophy
Boss Slayer Boss Slayer
Beat the game
Top 1% Top 1%
Complete the game with the stick
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Kill the dummy Kill the dummy
Secret Trophy
Wizard Hat Wizard Hat
Find one elemental sword
Cap Cap
Walk through 100 rooms in one run
Sonic Hat Sonic Hat
Die in the first 10 seconds
Luffsen Luffsen
Buy a Bow and a Rod in one run
Ranger Hat Ranger Hat
Kill 50 enemies with the bow
Beanie Beanie
Finish the first quest
Top Hat Top Hat
Get 20c in one run without the Rod
Cardboard Box Cardboard Box
Walk into a room with 6 Zomborgs
Boss Hat Boss Hat
Kill the final Boss