NeuroVoider Trophy List

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You obtained all NeuroVoider trophies
Start the game with all three classes
Finish the game on Arcade mode
Loop the game twice on Arcade mode
Complete a special auto-destruct level
Boost an item to the max
Boost all your current equipment to the max
Kill 50 bosses
Beat the first boss
Beat the second boss
Beat the third boss
Die 50 times
Kill 3000 elites
Forge 10 rare (gold) items
Kill 9000 enemies
Beat your Nemesis
Finish the game without using the repair function
Finish the game with the Unstable skill
Reboot the same level twice
Finish the game on Rogue mode
Loop the game twice on Rogue mode
Save 20,000 scrap during one game
Skip a level
Beat the game under 1 hour
Switch your class during a game
Finish the tutorial
Finish the game on Voider mode
Loop the game twice on Voider mode
Find a glitched weapon
Equip 2 glitched weapons at the same time
Play a graveyard level
Play a swarm special level
Play a pitch black special level
Play a super elite special level
Finish the game with the hardcore skill