Neonwall Trophy List

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Complete all the trophies
Travel 1000 meters
Travel 5000 meters
Travel 10000 meters
Destroy 100 blocks
Destroy 350 blocks
Destroy 700 blocks
Change color 100 times
Change color 1000 times
Change color 3500 times
Move the drag blocks 250 meters
Move the drag blocks 750 meters
Move the drag blocks 2000 meters
Use jump 50 times
Use jump 250 times
Use speed 50 times
Use speed 250 times
Change lanes 50 times
Change lanes 200 times
Change plane 50 times
Change plane 200 times
Complete level 20
Complete level 40
Defeat boss
Complete Puzzle
Complete TimeTrial
Complete Runner
Die 300 times
Smash the ball
Use super jump
Complete level with the colors changed
Watch the credits
Breaking the sound barrier