Need for Speed: Shift Trophy List

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Unlocked all Need for Speed™ SHIFT's trophies
Complete the NFS Live Pre-Race Event
Win your first event
Reach Tier 2
Reach Tier 3
Reach Tier 4
Win the NFS Live World Championship
Reach Driver Level 2
Reach Driver Level 5
Reach Driver Level 10
Reach Driver Level 20
Reach Driver Level 30
Reach Driver Level 40
Reach Driver Level 50
Earn 5 Bronze Badges
Earn 10 Bronze Badges
Earn 15 Bronze Badges
Earn 20 Bronze Badges
Earn 5 Silver Badges
Earn 10 Silver Badges
Earn 15 Silver Badges
Earn 20 Silver Badges
Earn 5 Gold Badges
Earn 10 Gold Badges
Earn 15 Gold Badges
Earn 20 Gold Badges
Earn 5 Epic Badges
Earn 10 Epic Badges
Earn 15 Epic Badges
Earn 20 Epic Badges
Complete every event in the Hot Lap Competition in 1st position
Complete an Online Race or Time Attack in all the Exotic vehicles
Beat all the lap times in the Exotic Time Attack Competition
Achieve 1st place in all Riviera Tour events
Achieve all Stars in the Exotic World Tour