My Singing Monsters Trophy List

My Beloved Monster My Beloved Monster
Get a Monster
How to Make a Monster How to Make a Monster
Breed a monster
Mommy's Little Monster Mommy's Little Monster
Get a monster 100% happy
Pump up the Volume Pump up the Volume
Reach level 10
Gone Platinum Gone Platinum
Get a level 15 Monster
Triple Trouble Triple Trouble
Get 3 element Monster
Rare Monster Rare Monster
Get a 4 element monster
Clean Sweep Clean Sweep
Clear all Obstacles on an Island
Build Me Up Buttercup Build Me Up Buttercup
Get all Plant Island monsters
Cold as Ice Cold as Ice
Get Cold Island
Baby, it’s cold outside Baby, it’s cold outside
Get all Cold Island Monsters
In the Air Tonight In the Air Tonight
Get Air Island
In the Air In the Air
Get all Air Island Monsters
Happy When it Rains Happy When it Rains
Get Water Island
Go into the Water Go into the Water
Get all Water Island Monsters
Down to Earth Down to Earth
Get Earth Island
We’ll Inherit the Earth We’ll Inherit the Earth
Get all Earth Island Monsters