MX vs. ATV Alive Trophy List

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Win all Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies
Earn a medal in a Free Ride Challenge
Hydroplane over 120 feet of water
Win a Gold medal in a Free Ride Challenge
Complete 5 overtakes with bar banging in a race
Ride for over 100 miles in Free Ride
Find the bonus vehicle in all of the Free Ride events
Finish 50 races online
Wreck 50 times
Beat a friend's record in a Free Ride Challenge
Capture a record lap time
Own a 3 star MX or ATV
Save 35 wrecks using wreck avoidance
Change your Rider Skills
Finish at least one race at each track
Customize your vehicle or rider
Earn a podium in an online event with assists turned off
Finish a race without going off track
Win 35 races online
Save 100 wrecks using wreck avoidance
Complete 50 overtakes using bar banging
Land a backflip
Visit the MotoClub Depot
Get the holeshot and win a race
Own a 3 star vehicle for each class
Earn a podium on each track
Win 5 races in a row
Earn a podium 3 races in a row
Finish a race
Capture 3 holeshots in a row
Pull a wheelie over 150 feet
Win a race after not leading until the last lap
Win a race at every track
Get at least a silver in all the Challenges in a Free Ride event
Beat a rider with a higher Rider XP than you
Win the race and do a 360 over the finish line jump
Achieve every level 1 Race Goal
Pull off 100 stunts
Reach Rider XP Level 2 and meet James Stewart
Almost Amateur, Reach Rider XP Level 6 and make a name for yourself
Reach Amateur Status at Rider XP Level 10
Almost Pro, Reach Rider XP level 18
Welcome to the big leagues, it's time to race James Stewart, Pro Rider XP level 25
Defeat James Stewart in a race
Reach Rider XP level 50, chasing records is all that is left
Win a race with the James Stewart character