Mugen Souls Z Trophy List

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You obtained every last trophy! Truly YOU are the undisputed god of this game!
You started a new game.
You cleared Rose World.
You cleared Scarlet World.
You cleared White World.
You cleared Silver World.
You cleared Crimson World.
You cleared Violet World.
You cleared Ebon World.
You cleared Gray World.
You cleared Amethyst World.
You cleared Jade World.
You cleared Sapphire World.
You cleared Ivory World.
You absorbed all the star energy from the twelve worlds.
You cleared the game one time.
You saw the true ending.
You defeated the Moon God.
You made it to the 50th floor of the Mugen Field.
You made it to the 100th floor of the Mugen Field.
You obtained 20 types of shampuru.
You obtained 50 types of shampuru.
You obtained every single G-Part.
You dealt 100,000 points of damage at once.
You dealt 1,000,000 points of damage at once.
You dealt 10,000,000 points of damage at once.
You dealt 100,000,000 points of damage at once.
You achieved victory with all possible command seals active.
You successfully used Captivate in battle.
Your maximum combo exceeded 100 hits.
Your maximum combo exceeded 999 hits.
You activated Damage Carnival for the first time.
You activated Damage Carnival with everything unlocked.
You activated Fever Mode.
You reached level 999.
You reached level 9,999.
You used Blast Off.
You used Blast Off at maximum power.
You completed your first challenge in Challenge World.
You completed all challenges in Challenge World.
You unlocked every single job.
You exceeded 999,999,999 gold.
You exceeded 999,999,999 Mugen Points.
Your Charm level exceeded 50%.
You cleared 100 floors while betting 9,999,999 points.
You conquered 7 World Redux.
You obtained every type of shampuru.
You conquered Mugen World Redux.
You cleared a specific Ultimate Absurdity World.
You achieved an "Intergalactic Chou-Chou" sized Ultimate Soul.