Ms. Germinator Trophy List

How To Use
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Collect all 3 Star Germs in 5 consecutive Campaign levels during one play session.
In a single shot, bounce a germ off of Deflectors and walls at least 12 times.
Activate both a Yellow and Orange Power Germ in a single shot.
Break the ice off of at least 10 germs in one level with 10 unique shots.
In one level, have 10 germs you didn't shoot pop on Spikes.
Use a Warp Gate 5 times in a single Puzzle level.
Get 20 or more Contagious Gummies on-screen at once in Arcade Mode.
Have a Blue Power Germ consume at least 3 Contagious Gummies when activated.
Absorb a Red, Pink, Yellow, and Orange germ with a Blue Power Germ.
Activate a Pink Power Germ 12 times.
Complete all 75 Levels of Campaign Mode, getting at least one star on each level.
Complete All 75 levels of Puzzle Mode, getting at least one star on each level.
Get all 450 stars in Campaign and Puzzle mode.