MouseCraft Trophy List

Scuba Diver Scuba Diver
Mice spend a total of 600 seconds underwater.
Designer Designer
Design one level in the Level Editor.
Pyrotechnic Pyrotechnic
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by using Explosive Bricks.
Chemist Chemist
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by leading them into Acid Obstacles.
Smasher Smasher
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by smashing them with Tetromino Bricks.
Wrecker Wrecker
Destroy 100 Tetromino Bricks with Bombs.
Gold Digger Enthusiast Gold Digger Enthusiast
Earn 40 golden cogs by completing 40 levels with a Perfect score.
Crispy Crispy
Exterminate 10 Ratoids by using Electric Bricks.
Collector Collector
Collect all Anima Shards.
Anarchist Anarchist
Exterminate 50 Ratoids.
Completionist Completionist
Complete all 80 levels.
Gold Digger Expert Gold Digger Expert
Earn 80 golden cogs by completing all 80 levels with a Perfect score.