Motor Strike: Immortal Legends Trophy List

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Become an Immortal Legend unlocking all Motor Strike Trophies.
Win 100 online Cups or 200 offline Cups.
Win 10 Online races or 25 Offline races in a row.
Reach Striker Level 20.
End 2000 adversaries in competitions.
End 2345 minions in competitions.
Win all races in an Online Cup or 10 Offline Cups.
Play all tracks.
End the competition leader 200 times.
End 5.553.368 minions (all game modes) or 200 tanks.
Win 20 Online races or 50 offline races.
End 15 adversaries in an Online race or 20 in an Offline race.
Earn 5500 points in a race, and win it.
Win an online race without dying, or 3 offline.
Reach 8 checkpoints being on first place in an Online race or 10 in an Offline race.
Win 10 Online Cups or 25 Offline.
Use 2000 energy points.
Finish a race with the highest score and the least deaths.
Finish 5 cups without winning.
Reach Striker Level 10.
Drive 288 kilometres.
End 247 minions in competition mode.
Win an Online Cup or 5 Offline Cups.
Win an Online race or 3 Offline races.
Use the hook 150+1 times in a race.
End 5 adversaries in an Online race or 15 in an Offline race.
Be the top score in a cup final and win the cup.
End 30 minions in one race.
End 5 adversaries in the same race using Strike Back.
Finish all three tutorials.
All cars of your team in a race are the same.
Finish last every single race of a cup but be part of the winning team.
Dodge or recover 5000 damage with special abilities.
Inflict 5000 damage with special abilities.