Mother Russia Bleeds Trophy List

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Unlock all other Trophies
100% complete the game
Complete the game in Easy mode
Complete the game in Normal mode
Complete the game in Hardcore mode
Complete the game with the sad ending
Complete the game with the happy ending
Achieve a 100 hit combo
Achieve a 200 hit combo
Achieve a 500 hit combo
Use an enemy to knock down another 5
Complete a level without being hit
Empty a cartridge clip without any random shot
Complete a level without using any weapon
Complete a level without taking any Nekro
Get gnawed by 5 rats at the same time
Get through the sewers without being bitten by a rat
Get through the sewers without raising a hand to a pig
Escort the prisoner without letting him take any hit
Defeat the Prison Governor without being hit by a sniper
Defeat the Dealers' leader without ending up under the harvester
Leave the train without letting the inspectors call for backup
Reach your destination without being hit by a grenade
Defeat the Government officer without being hit by a train
Keep the Gimp alive
Defeat the Butcher without being hit by his claw
Cross the boulevard without being hit by a motorbike
Kill 40 riot policemen as you cross the main square
Complete the arena in less than 5 minutes
Get through the hall without being hit by the chopper
Complete a level without anyone on the team being killed
Complete a level without hitting any ally
Complete a level without letting anyone on the team get hit
Successfully hand a knife to your ally