Moonlighter Trophy List

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Complete all achievements
Defeat the Golem King
Defeat Carnivorous Mutae
Defeat Naja
Defeat Energy Flux
Perfect Golem King
Perfect Carnivorous Mutae
Perfect Naja
Perfect Energy Flux
Read all Crazy Pete's notes
Beat the game in under 10 hours
Craft all weapons
Craft all short swords
Craft all big swords
Craft all gloves
Craft all spears
Craft all bows
Kill all bosses with the broom (last hit)
Complete the Notebook
Kill a total of 10,000 enemies
Complete the game with under 40 deaths
Collect more than 5000 gold
Collect more than 50,000 gold
Collect more than 100,000 gold
Collect more than 1,000,000 gold
Purchase the second shop upgrade
Purchase the third shop upgrade
Purchase the fourth shop upgrade
Purchase the last shop upgrade
Buy all improvements on the Town Board
Die with your inventory full of items
Use the Emblem in the room before the boss room
Buy more than 10 items at Le Retailer
Arrive at the third floor of the Golem Dungeon 10 times
Arrive at the third floor of the Forest Dungeon 10 times
Arrive at the third floor of the Desert Dungeon 10 times
Arrive at the third floor of the Tech Dungeon 10 times
Earn money from the Banker 5 times
Buy all decorative items
Defeat three waves of enemies in a Wave Room
Find a secret room 10 times
Hit the Witch's slime 42 times
Get money from a tree
Earn money from trees 100 times
Take potions from breakables 20 times
Kill 1000 golem enemies
Kill 1000 forest enemies
Kill 1000 desert enemies
Kill 1000 tech enemies
Kill 100 bugs
Finish the game
Make 20 visitors abandon your shop
Sell 20 items slightly overpriced
Sell 20 items for the perfect price
Sell 40 items really cheap
Receive 60 really expensive valuations
Arrive at Crazy Pete's Special Place