Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Trophy List

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Collected all trophies.
Completed the prologue.
Caught the ypodochth.
Caught the lattomaratos.
Caught the deinosaulma.
Caught the vrorogo.
Caught the isonade.
Caught the krypse.
Caught the bythos.
Caught 50 fish.
Caught 100 fish.
Caught 255 fish.
Performed your first excellent cast.
Caught your first fish.
Participated in your first tournament.
Lost your first whopper.
Decorated your cabin for the first time.
Bought your first tackle.
Spent 10,000 gil on tackle.
Collected all rods.
Collected all reels.
Collected all lures.
Collected all tackle.
Caught all fish at Neeglyss Pond.
Caught all fish at the Forgotten Pool.
Caught all fish at the Vesperpool.
Caught all fish at Crestholm Reservoir.
Caught all fish at the Caem Shore.
Caught all fish at Rachsia Bridge.
Caught one of every fish.
Caught a whopper.
Hooked some garbage.
Hooked an unidentified species.
Completed your first hunt.
Reached Hunter Rank 5.
Reached Hunter Rank 10.