Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Trophy List

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Acquired all trophies
Cleared Area 1
Cleared all Missions in Area 1
Cleared Area 2
Cleared all Missions in Area 2
Cleared Area 3
Cleared all Missions in Area 3
Cleared Area 4
Cleared all Missions in Area 4
Acquired 20 MS
Acquired 4 warships
Acquired all warships
Acquired 100 Haro medals
Acquired all Haro medals
Cleared 50 Missions
Cleared all Missions
Used all MS to clear Missions
Used all warships in Missions
Named as Ace for the first time
Named as Ace for the 50th time
Named as MVP for the first time
Named as MVP for the 50th time
Links reach MAX for the first time
All pilots' links have reached MAX
Captured a base for the first time
Captured your 100th base
Defeated 100 enemy MS, MA, warships
Defeated 500 enemy MS, MA, warships
Used all Force Commands
Cleared 10 Missions without taking damage
Landed the winning blow 30 times
Cleared a Mission 10 times without fatality using only melee combat
Hover for a total of 300 seconds or more
Achieved maximum Cost efficiency in all teams
Attempted to fire an empty weapon 50 times in a row
Commenced EXTREME-FORCE Mode
Browsed 5 pieces of information on MS, MA, warship
Cleared Mission 「The Battle of Jaburo」
Cleared Mission 「Zeon's Final Defensive Line」
Cleared Mission 「Glittering Stars」
Cleared Mission 「With Dreadful Memories」
Cleared Mission 「Gundam Fight, Ready… Go!!」
Cleared Mission 「The Control Program (DC)」