Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trophy List

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Unlock all Mirror's Edge™ Catalyst Trophies
Resume your old life
Take flight with some old friends
Escape with a gift from an old enemy
First crack the shell, then crack what's inside
Witness a terrifying event
Repay Dogen
Avenge them
Seek out Black November for help
Send the KrugerSec turrets into the abyss
Resistance is futile
Claw back what they took from you
Discover the identity of Kruger's deadliest asset
Escape from the heart of darkness
Take what is his and make it crumble
Hack. Tick. Tock. Run. Repeat.
Complete all of Plastic's missions
Complete all side missions in Downtown
Complete all side missions in Anchor
Complete all side missions in Rezoning
Complete all side missions in The View
Complete all side missions
Purchase Faith's second upgrade
Purchase half of Faith's upgrades
Purchase all of Faith's upgrades
Reach full focus and keep it going
Springboard, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll
Shift, Wallrun, Jump, Coil, Skill Roll, Shift
Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump
Shift, Springboard, Wallrun, Swing Pipe, Skill Roll
Springboard, Swingbar, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Coil
Vault, Slide, Jump, Wallclimb, Turn, Jump, Wallrun, Turn, Jump, Skill Roll
Reach full focus and take out 10 enemies before it runs out
Perform a highground attack as a finishing move
Deliver any fragile package without any damage to it
Shut down any gridNode without notifying KrugerSec of your presence
Complete 10 Dashes in the main game
Get a 3-star rating on all Dashes in the main game
Deliver 10 packages
Complete 15 billboard hacks and interventions
Remove 10 electronic parts from Conglomerate terminals
Destroy all Security Hubs
Find every secret bag hidden in Glass
Find every recording and document in Glass
Collect every gridLeak in Glass
Complete a user created Time Trial
Get yourself to a user created Beat L.E.
Customize your Echo
A good Cascadian follows the rules