Might & Magic Duel of Champions Trophy List

The Stable Hand The Stable Hand
Reach Level 2
The Scout The Scout
Reach Level 10
The Field Marshal The Field Marshal
Reach Level 35
Crushing victory Crushing victory
Over kill your opponent by at least 5 damage in a ranked duel
A Worthy Legend A Worthy Legend
Reach the Champion class
A Matter of Time A Matter of Time
Destroy 250 creatures
The Collector The Collector
Own a copy of every card from the first Base Set
Took the Boot Took the Boot
Complete the Tutorial
Turkey Turkey
Win 3 Ranked duels in a row
Friends or Foes? Friends or Foes?
Win 30 Practice duels against your Friends
Neophyte Neophyte
Win 50 Ranked duels
Veteran Veteran
Win 250 Ranked duels
Mastering Diversity Mastering Diversity
Win 10 ranked duels using a deck with no more than 1 copy of any card
Not the End of the World Not the End of the World
Cast Armageddon and have at least 1 surviving creature left on your side in a ranked duel
Unrelenting Horde Unrelenting Horde
Win 10 ranked duels playing no spells or fortunes