Micro Machines World Series Trophy List

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Complete your first online event
Complete an online event with every vehicle
Reach level 10
Reach level 20
Reach level 30
Reach level 40
Prestige for the first time
Complete a ranked event
Complete a special event
Complete an event in a group
Get promoted to the Silver division
Finish an event using a newly equipped item
Collect all items for a single vehicle
Collect 50 items (not including exclusive rewards)
Collect 100 items (not including exclusive rewards)
Use ultimate abilities 10 times
Complete the tutorial
Shatter a frozen opponent using Viktoriya Tennikost's Ice Axe
Use Lt. Shields' Shotgun & Marked Man to destroy a full health opponent
Have Dr. Mel resurrect every player on your team in a single battle
As Hank N. Stein, destroy 3 flag or bomb carriers that have been slowed by your Earthquake.
Use Yu Saiko to destroy 3 opponents in a single Black Hole
Use one of Jack Hammer's boosted sentry turrets to destroy 3 opponents
Use Agent Atom to Flashbang 3 opponents within 3 seconds of leaving Stealth
Explode a burning enemy with El Incendio's Nitro Tank
Destroy 2 opponents with a single Rapid Fire as G.I. JOE MOBAT
Hit a burning opponent with a COBRA H.I.S.S Heat-Seeking Missile
Use Chief A. Blaze's Foam Blast to put out flames on 3 teammates at once
Hit 3 opponents with a single Life Ring from Captain Smallbeard
Push 5 opponents into the lawn mower in a single battle
Destroy 5 opponents while you're riding on a drone
Feed a player to the hippos
Exit a teleporter and destroy an opponent 5 times
Get an assist on an opponent destroyed by the Ouija board
Push 10 opponents into buzzsaws
Destroy an opponent by pushing them into a laser gate
Win a King of the Hill game without letting the opposition get a single point
Destroy an opponent within 1 second of them picking up your flag
Take a bomb from your base and explode the opponents' base without dropping it
Win a race without being destroyed on 10 different tracks
Win an elimination event by winning every round
Push 3 opponents into hazards in one round of an elimination skirmish
Destroy all 3 opponents in a single life during a free-for-all skirmish