Metropolis: Lux Obscura Trophy List

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Good job! Completed all tasks!
Help Candice and Leana to get off the hook.
Bliss is not that stupid.
Find Goldie.
Died for the first time.
50 damage points in a single turn.
100 damage points in a single turn.
Get one of main endings without a gun.
Win a fight after collecting 10 police tokens.
The police turned into anger.
At the door of the club.
Meeting on the bridge.
Visited drugstore.
I have been a personal driver.
No good night at the bar.
Met with Candy.
Got a new task.
Caught in a trap.
Visited farm.
New troubles at the club.
Met with the police.
Visited warehouse.
There's a guys on two wheels.
Almost met with Goldie.