Metropolis Defenders Trophy List

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Earned every trophy.
Been appointed to Washington, D.C.
Completed the game to the end.
Raised all cities to level 20.
Developed every type of unit.
Built 20 skyscrapers in any city.
Raised all operators to level 25.
Completed 100 strike missions.
Raised an operator to level 25.
Invested 1,000,000G in R&D.
Put all operators on duty.
Completed 30 requests.
Developed all quarantined land.
Destroyed 50 enemies with USWs.
Destroyed 20 bosses.
Destroyed 1 rare enemy.
Made a strike during a power shortage.
Completed your first request.
Rewarded an operator for the 101st time.
Constructed 100 units.
Achieved commander level 10.
Raised one of your cities to level 5.
Destroyed an Echinops.
Destroyed a Tantera.
Destroyed a Ramadillo.
Destroyed a Volcanon.
Destroyed a Bardola.
Destroyed an Altenian.
Destroyed a Belilitta.
Rewarded an operator for the 1st time.
Took your first brief tutorial.
Arrived in Kimberley as CDC Commander.