Metropolis Defenders Trophy List

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Earn all other trophies.
Arrived in Washington DC.
Complete the scenario mode.
All the city reached LV20.
Finish all the research and development.
Deploy 20 units of high-rise LV4 in any of city.
All operator reaches LV25.
Complete the battle 100 times.
Any of the operator reaches LV25.
Cast 1,000,000G in research and development.
All operators are appointed.
Complete the request 30 times.
Develop all of the blockade compartment in all cities.
Kill 50 enemy by using the absolute weapons.
Kill 20 boss enemy.
Kill 1 rare enemy.
Complete the battle in emergency power.
Complete the request for first time.
Evaluate the operator 101 times.
Building 100 units.
Achieve the commander Lv10.
Achieve City Lv5 in any of city.
Kill Echinops.
Kill Tantera.
Kill Ramadillo.
Kill Volcanon.
Kill Bardola.
Kill Alternian.
Kill Belilitta.
Evaluate the operator for first time.
Complete the tutorial.
Appointed commander.