Mervils: A VR Adventure Trophy List

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Defeat all enemies in Level 1 - "The Outskirts"
Defeat Darthate without losing more than 4 hearts from the Mervil Castle
Complete World 1
Complete the minecart ride on Level 2 - "Mine Cart Run" without dying
Achieve a score of 105 or greater on the darts challenge in Level 6 - "Mervil Waterfalls"
Complete World 2
Complete the sleigh ride on Level 8 - "The Mervil Slopes" without dying
Defeat the fire monster Ramaug without taking any damage
Complete World 3
Navigate the open seas on Level 11 - "Pirate Waters" and finish with 6 hearts
Complete World 4
Find all hidden areas throughout the game
Defeat "Balazar the Evil"
Collect all the pages of The Great Mervil Book