Megalith Trophy List

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Earn all trophies for Megalith
Earn 1000 Lifetime Kills.
Purchase 25 skins.
Deal 1,000,000 Lifetime Damage.
Win 150 matches.
Complete all of Aurora's Quests.
Complete all of Taur's Quests.
Complete all of Cipher's Quests.
CComplete all of Tundra's Quests.
Complete all of Hunter's Quests.
Get 15 Kills while near death.
Get 25 Double Kills.
Kill 10 Titans who are using their Ultimate Ability.
Win 10 matches with no deaths.
Destroy the Siege Inhibitor 25 times.
Destroy 500 Towers.
Play 100 matches.
Play 10 matches.
Play 50 matches.
Complete a Quest.
Deal 50,000 Lifetime Damage.
Create 50 Minions with Rally.
Earn 100 Lifetime Kills.
Kill 600 Minions.
Revive 10 teammates.
Revive 50 teammates.
Destroy 50 Towers.
Destroy 150 Towers.
Win a match.
Win 15 matches.
Earn 10,000 currency.
Destroy a Tower with Rallied Minions 15 times.
Kill a rooted or slowed enemy Titan 25 times.
Finish a match with 7 or more Final Blows.
Purchase 10 skins.
Win 10 matches while a Siege Minion is assisting your team.

Thorn DLC

Kill 50 minions with Thorn's Wards.
Kill 5 Titans trapped in Thorn's Vine Bubble.
Spread Thorn's Blight to 250 enemies.
As Thorn, get 5 Final Blows while dead.
Kill 3 Titans using all Thorn's abilities at once.
Win 35 matches as Thorn.