Medal of Honor Trophy List

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Obtain all Campaign and Online trophies
Play online for 15 minutes
Play online for 2 hours
Fire 1000 bullets in a round (awarded at end of round)
Play once as each class (min 2 min)
Play Combat Mission
Play Team Assault
Play Sector Control
Play Objective Raid
Reach level 2 in any class
Reach level 4 in any class
Reach level 8 in one class
Play two hours of Combat Mission
Play two hours of Team Assault
Play two hours of Sector Control
Play two hours of Objective Raid
Deploy a missile strike support action (awarded at end of round)
Use each offensive support action once (awarded at end of round)
Get 1000 support points
Reach top level in one class
Be top 3 on the scoreboard ten times
Singleplayer: Complete First In
Singleplayer: Complete Breaking Bagram
Singleplayer: Complete Running with Wolves...
Singleplayer: Complete Dorothy's a Bitch
Singleplayer: Complete Belly of the Beast
Singleplayer: Complete Gunfighters
Singleplayer: Complete Friends From Afar
Singleplayer: Complete Compromised
Singleplayer: Complete Neptune's Net
Singleplayer: Complete Rescue the Rescuers
Singleplayer: In First In, Kill the Hostage Taker with a Head Shot
Singleplayer: In Breaking Bagram, destroy 2 vehicles with a single 2000 lb Laser Guided Bomb
Singleplayer: Jump 7.5 meters high on the ATV
Singleplayer: In Dorothy's a Bitch, destroy the entire AQ Camp with the AC-130
Singleplayer: In Belly of the Beast, defeat the DShK in under two minutes
Singleplayer: Destroy 30 buildings in Gunfighters Village
Singleplayer: While long range sniping, hit one of every bodypart
Singleplayer: In Compromised, get 15 kills with the M60
Singleplayer: In Neptune's Net, eliminate 13 enemies without alerting anyone
Singleplayer: In Rescue the Rescuers, chop down 5 trees with the Minigun
Singleplayer: Finish the game on Easy, Normal or Hard
Singleplayer: Finish the game on Hard
Singleplayer: Finish every level in the game on Tier 1 Mode under par time
Singleplayer: Achieve 20 total knife kills
Singleplayer: Get a total of 30 pistol kills
Singleplayer: Get 7 headshots in a row with any weapon except the long range sniper rifle.
Singleplayer: Kill 5 enemies at once with a single hand grenade
Singleplayer: Finish all of Dante's missions
Singleplayer: Finish all of Rabbit's missions
Singleplayer: Finish all of Deuce's missions