Master Reboot Trophy List

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Platinum Trophy
Find all of the blue ducks.
Find half of the blue ducks.
Complete the full game.
Find the alternative ending.
Find all the virus symbols.
Complete the full game in Welsh.
Attacked by the virus in the closet.
Get the monorail to the Mainframe.
Make the right choice in the Library.
Get crushed by a bookcase in the Library.
Complete the Hospital Level without a torch.
Complete the Street Level without taking a hit.
Complete the planet puzzle in the School Level without checking the answer.
Go down the wrong path in the Fairground Zero Level.
Complete the Aeroplane Level without dying.
Hit all the viruses in the Graveyard Level.
Complete the Final Level in record time.
Touch the whale on the Beach Zero Level.
Listen to the radio show in your Soul Village.
Read the employee handbook.