Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom Trophy List

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Finish the game on Hard difficulty
Find the hidden Easter Egg island
Get 10 Enemy archers to hit other clown soldiers with their arrows
100% accuracy with the Ballista in Tickle Town
Find and open all 8 treasure chests
Defeat 10 enemies in a row without getting hit
Finish the game in a single sitting (Medium difficulty and above)
Finish the game on Medium difficulty
Perform a 35 hit combo
Complete every act without triggering any rooster alarms
Defeat 100 enemies without using a finisher
Achieve 5 stars in every act
Defeat 10 enemies with the hammer throw attack
Counter 50 hits
Knock 15 enemies off a ledge
Allow an outhouse to spawn 10 enemies before destroying it
Unlock Tier 3 Supermove
Finish off 30 downed enemies
Defeat 100 enemies
Finish the game on Easy difficulty
Find all hidden baubles in every act