Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Finish the game on Hard difficulty
Find the hidden Easter Egg island
Get 10 Enemy archers to hit other clown soldiers with their arrows
100% accuracy with the Ballista in Tickle Town
Find and open all 8 treasure chests
Defeat 10 enemies in a row without getting hit
Finish the game in a single sitting (Medium difficulty and above)
Finish the game on Medium difficulty
Perform a 35 hit combo
Complete every act without triggering any rooster alarms
Defeat 100 enemies without using a finisher
Achieve 5 stars in every act
Defeat 10 enemies with the hammer throw attack
Counter 50 hits
Knock 15 enemies off a ledge
Allow an outhouse to spawn 10 enemies before destroying it
Unlock Tier 3 Supermove
Finish off 30 downed enemies
Defeat 100 enemies
Finish the game on Easy difficulty
Find all hidden baubles in every act