Masquerada: Songs and Shadows Trophy List

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Obtain all the other Trophies.
Collect all inks and runes.
Activate 100 Mask abilities.
Trigger 250 Elemental Tags.
Collect all the codices.
Fully upgrade a skill.
Complete the Prologue.
Defeat the Greater Bolgia.
Defeat the Triplets.
Defeat the Antiquarian.
Defeat the Saltbreather.
Defeat the Matron.
Defeat the Ancient Feravaro.
Defeat the Chimera.
Defeat the Mangiatore.
Defeat the Ridiro Queen.
Win the duel.
Defeat the Brehon.
Clear the final battle.
Watch the Epilogue.
Listen to all of Kalden's optional dialogues.
Listen to all of Amadea's optional dialogues.
Listen to all of Tiziana's optional dialogues.
Listen to all of Vasco's optional dialogues.
Listen to all of Leventhos' optional dialogues.
Respec once.
Practice in the Training Grounds.
Revisit a scene.