Manual Samuel Trophy List

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Unlock all the Trophies in Manual Samuel
Completed Level 1
Completed Level 2
Completed Level 3
Completed Level 4
Completed Level 5
Completed Level 6
Completed Level 7
Completed Level 8
Drank two cups of coffee
Completed Sams house only breathing in 15 times
Drove 150 km per hour
Spoke perfectly
Killed every robot
Completed Story Mode Single Player
Completed Story Mode Co-Op
Got bronze or higher on every time trial
Got silver or higher on every time trial
Got gold on every time trialĀ 
Skipped a cinematic
Went to work without shoes
Blew up Tony
Didn't fall down the stairs
Made no stains on yourself
Blinked 2000 times
Watched all cinematics without skipping
Found every hashtag