Magus Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies.
Have Kinna join your party.
Have Usoph the Unicorn Elder join your cause.
Have the titan runemaster Vallos join your cause.
Absorb the color from a power stone.
Use a Chroma-Skill for the first time.
Enter the Tower of the Gods.
Unlock the "Raise Dead" skill.
Extract Item attributes to a Scroll.
Add a Gem to an Item.
Equip a Rune for the first time.
Reach level ten.
Reach level twenty.
Reach level thirty.
Max out the levels of all the Green Magic skills.
Max out the levels of all the Blue Magic skills.
Max out the levels of all the Red Magic skills.
Obtain 100 Health Potions.
Obtain 500 Items.
Kill 100 Kingdom Soldiers.
Kill 100 Unicorns.
Kill 100 Dragonmen.
Kill 100 Skeletons.
Kill 100 Undead.
Kill 100 Titans.
Kill 100 Shai Soldiers.
Kill 100 Obsidian Guard.
Kill 1000 Enemies.
Kill Purifier Brooks.
Kill Captian Rivers and complete the Dungeon map.
Kill General Tiel and complete the Island map.
Complete Mines map.
Complete Azure Cove map.
Complete Desert map.
Complete Burial Grounds map.
Defeat the King.
Defeat the Daemon Queen.