Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 Trophy List

Soldier Soldier
Win a game with Gideon's deck
Mind Sculptor Mind Sculptor
Win a game with Jace's deck
Vampire Vampire
Win a game with Sorin’s deck
Hot Shot Hot Shot
Win a game with Chandra’s deck
Predator Predator
Win a game with Garruk’s deck
Hammer Hammer
Win a game with Koth’s deck
Summoner Summoner
Win a game with Kiora’s deck
Artificer Artificer
Win a game with Tezzeret’s deck
Dragon Dragon
Win a game with Sarkhan’s deck
Savior Savior
Win a game with Nissa’s deck
Magic: The Puzzling Magic: The Puzzling
Solve a Challenge
You'll Never Get Away With It You'll Never Get Away With It
Defeat an Archenemy in a game
Gather Your Allies Gather Your Allies
Host an Archenemy match on PlayStation®Network with two human teammates
Metalcraft Metalcraft
Control three artifacts in a game
Mythic Mythic
Cast a Mythic rare spell in a game
Duelist Duelist
Win five matches online
Arcane Knowledge Arcane Knowledge
Unlock twelve cards for one deck
Final Exam Final Exam
Defeat Karn in a campaign game
Puzzling Master Puzzling Master
Solve Fifteen Challenges
Evil's End Evil's End
Complete the Archenemy campaign
Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom Your Puny Minds Cannot Fathom
Host a match online as the Archenemy
Your Fate is Thrice Sealed Your Fate is Thrice Sealed
Win three Archenemy matches online
My Crushing Masterstroke My Crushing Masterstroke
Defeat Jace, Jace and Jace as the Archenemy in a campaign game
Tempest Tempest
Win a game with Ral’s deck
Auramancer Auramancer
Win a game with Ajani’s deck
Necromancer Necromancer
Win a game with Liliana’s deck