Magic Orbz Trophy List

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Complete ‘Plundering Pirates’ Episode
Complete ‘Naughty Knights’ Episode
Complete 10 Levels in a Row
Complete 25 Levels in a Row
Score 500,000 points
Score 1,000,000 points
Gain 9 Extra Lives
Collect 200 ‘Bonus Points’ power-ups
Complete a level within one minute
5 Killer Skulls Collected
Collect all Awards in the original game
Start a chain reaction with a bunch of cannons
Seek out and aid the lone knight in his fight against the dragons
Complete ‘Wicked Witches’ Episode
Complete 50 Levels in a Row
An evil witch performs dark rituals. Put an end to them by hitting her at nighttime.
No one should hinder true love. Find the lovers and make those around them go away.
Complete the "Winter" episode
Help the valiant penguins fight the nasty bears!
Call for help by launching the fireworks! Don’t let the witch notice you! Avoid hitting this elderly lady.
And finally, send that old man in a red cap off on a big air trip
Conquer the new continent’s lands.
The villagers have been attacked by tigers. Help them by shooting the tigers from the cannons without hitting any other objects (except for the fireworks).
Three enchanted waterfalls maintain the shaman’s force. Destroy them to defeat the shaman.
Now the shaman is defenseless, but he’s not that easy to beat! The thunderstorm will help you.