Maddening Overload Trophy List

A Challenger Appears A Challenger Appears
Complete 10 challenges
Quarter Past Quarter Past
Complete 25 challenges
Hemisphere Hemisphere
Complete 50 challenges
Certifiably Insane Certifiably Insane
Complete all 101 challenges
The Circle Is A Metaphor The Circle Is A Metaphor
Survive 30 seconds in Arcade Mode
Minuteman Minuteman
Survive 60 seconds in Arcade Mode
Song 2 Song 2
Survive 2 minutes 2 seconds in Arcade Mode
Trophy Not Found Trophy Not Found
Survive 404 seconds in Arcade Mode
Karoshi Karoshi
Die in under one second in Arcade Mode
Cloth Touch Cloth Touch
Gain Second Wind after over two minutes in Arcade Mode
Oddly Specific Oddly Specific
Die between 167:46 and 168:37 seconds in Arcade Mode
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Maddict Maddict
Play the game for an accumulated 30 minutes
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Mad Nauseum Mad Nauseum
Play the game for an accumulated 2 hours