Lone Survivor Trophy List

True Survivor True Survivor
Collect all Lone Survivor: Director's Cut trophies
Fusion Chef Fusion Chef
Combine ten types of food
Iron Chef Iron Chef
Cook five types of food
Gourmet Chef Gourmet Chef
Eat a Steamed Ham after combining it with another food
Fast Food Chef Fast Food Chef
Eat You's favourite food
Fine Diner Fine Diner
Eat ten kinds of food
Coffee Aficionado Coffee Aficionado
Drink three cups of coffee, no more than once a day
Barista Barista
Drink three cups of espresso, no more than once a day
Candyman Candyman
Eat five fruit drops, no more than once a day
Soda Aficionado Soda Aficionado
Drink a Chilled Can Of Soda
Soda Jerk Soda Jerk
Drink a Chilled Mexican Cola
Communicator Communicator
Attempt to talk to The Man Who Wears A Box five times
Detective Detective
Read all the diary pages
Nobleman Nobleman
Give away a Delicious Ham
Schizophrenic Schizophrenic
See both versions of the dancing dream
Green Dreamer Green Dreamer
Witness all five Green Dreams
Blue Dreamer Blue Dreamer
Witness all five Blue Dreams
Gamer Gamer
Play Soul Brother
Muso Muso
Listen to your Personal Stereo
Pet Lover Pet Lover
Talk to your fully-adopted cat five times
Companion Companion
Talk to Sleepy Cat five times
Friend To The Fauna Friend To The Fauna
Feed all five tins of cat food to your cat
Friend To The Sick Friend To The Sick
Give Hank all five health tonics
Friend To The Fellow Man Friend To The Fellow Man
Give all five Sleepy Cat comics to The Director
Paranoid Paranoid
Shoot the Writhing Thing
Fearless Fearless
Escape from The Daddy without using your flashlight
Patient Patient
Defeat Mother without shooting or flares
Grounded Grounded
Complete the game without using a mirror to travel
Antagonist Antagonist
Complete the game using one piece of rotting meat and no flares
Pacifist Pacifist
Complete the game without firing a single shot
Expert Expert
Complete the game in Expert Mode
New Man New Man
Discover the Green Ending
Old Man Old Man
Discover the Blue Ending
Demolished Man Demolished Man
Discover the Red Ending
Peaceful Man Peaceful Man
Discover the Yellow Ending
Wise Man Wise Man
Discover the White Ending