Lock's Quest Trophy List

Bronze Clockwork Slayer Bronze Clockwork Slayer
Destroy 200 Bronze Clockworks
Silver Clockwork Slayer Silver Clockwork Slayer
Destroy 200 Silver Clockworks
Elite Clockwork Slayer Elite Clockwork Slayer
Destroy 200 Elite Clockworks
Scraptacular Scraptacular
Use all 4 of Lock's Special Attacks in a Single Battle
Beast Mode Beast Mode
Defeat Beast without losing a Wall
Stir Fry Stir Fry
Kill 10 Clockworks in 10 Seconds
Kingdom Rich Kingdom Rich
Accumulate 100,000 Source
The Chosen One The Chosen One
Complete the game on 'HARD' mode.
LockDown LockDown
Complete the Game on Normal Mode without Dying
Racheteer Racheteer
During Battle Mode, repair at least 100 unique walls
Sprung Sprung
Have Enemies Activate 1 of each Trap type during a Single Battle
Full Metal Detail Full Metal Detail
Build a Map with 1 of each Turret, Trap and Helper
Super Scrappy Super Scrappy
Unlock all of Lock's special skills
Archineer Recruit Archineer Recruit
Survive 10 straight days of Antonia Defense