Livelock Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies
Reach Level 10 with Hex
Reach Level 20 with Hex
Reach Level 30 with Hex
Reach Level 10 with Vanguard
Reach Level 20 with Vanguard
Reach Level 30 with Vanguard
Reach Level 10 with Catalyst
Reach Level 20 with Catalyst
Reach Level 30 with Catalyst
Reach level 30 with Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard
Equip first Helmet
Equip first Cape
Equip first Alloy
Have a Helmet, Cape and Alloy equipped at the same time
Decrypt a Data Card
Decrypt a Master Data Card
Decrypt all Data Cards
Decrypt all Master Data Cards
Destroy 100 enemies
Destroy 1000 enemies
Destroy 10000 enemies
Destroy 1 Upgraded enemy
Destroy 10 Upgraded enemies
Destroy 100 Upgraded enemies
Complete ACT 01
Complete ACT 02
Complete ACT 03
Complete all missions on Easy
Complete all missions on Medium
Complete all missions on Hard
5 Destruction streak
20 Destruction streak
30 Destruction streak
100 Destruction streak
Survive 5 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Survive 10 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Survive 15 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Collect an Audiolog
Collect all Story Audiologs
Collect all Hex Audiologs
Collect all Vanguard Audiologs
Collect all Catalyst Audiologs
Collect all Audiologs
Collect 100 Carbon
Collect 500 Carbon
Collect 2500 Carbon
Complete a COOP Mission on Singular Difficulty without Reprinting
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players.
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using 3 of the same class