Light Tracer Trophy List

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Congratulations, you have obtained all Light Tracer trophies!
Completed the whole story of Light Tracer.
Collected all costumes.
Collected 3000 coins.
Defeated 100 monsters.
Cleared Chapter 8.
Cleared Chapter 7.
Cleared Chapter 6.
Cleared Chapter 4.
Cleared Chapter 3.
Cleared Chapter 2.
Cleared Chapter 1.
Collected 1500 coins.
Defeated 50 monsters.
Obtained a Panda costume.
Obtained a Classic Revival costume.
Obtained the 2nd costume.
Get 50 coins in Chapter 1 - Section 4.
Failed 20 times in a single level.
Reflected 4 ball attack of the Boss in one go from Chapter 1.
Defeated the Boss of Chapter 6 by just using gravity change 3 times.
Killed 12 little snowmen in a fight.
Got all coins in Chapter 5 - Section 5.
Collected 500 gold coins.
Activated two roads simultaneously in Chapter 7 - Section 1.
Cleared Chapter 1 - Section 1.
Used a sword to defeat a monster.
Cleared Chapter 3 - Section 3 without defeating any animals.
Chose to go forward and backward in the animation of Section 4.
Landed after dropping 18 meters in one go.
Gazed at the little girl for 30s.
Discovered a worm hiding at the bottom of the ground
Touched the little girl for one minute.