Let It Die Trophy List

Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
At The End Of The Tunnel At The End Of The Tunnel
Defeat Max Sharp
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Deserted Town Deserted Town
Defeat Colonel Jackson
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Dream's End Dream's End
Defeat Mr. Crowley
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
The View From The Top The View From The Top
Defeat Taro Gunkanyama
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Murder Technician Murder Technician
Defeat 100 Haters
Die 100 times
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Champion of Barbs Champion of Barbs
Defeat all Jackals
Impregnable Fortress Impregnable Fortress
100 successful home defenses
Flirting Virtuoso Flirting Virtuoso
Capture 100 Fighters
Material World Material World
500 equipped weapons/armor broken
Mushroom Mania Mushroom Mania
Eat 1000 mushrooms
Hoarder's Curse Hoarder's Curse
Collect everything (Magazines, Mother Barb Songs, Stamps)
Circle Crusher Circle Crusher
Achieve 100% home destruction on other players' bases 100 times