LEGO Worlds Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies
Complete the Pirate Playground World
Complete the Prehistoric Peril World
Complete the Candy Construction Capers World
Tame and have two pets following you at the same time
Use the terraforming abilities of all capable vehicles
Get 5 seconds of continuous vehicle air time (not including off the edge of the world)
15 seconds of consecutive climbing, jumping or back-flipping
Accumulate 10+ seconds of consecutive zip time with the grapple gun in one grapple session
Ride 4 different creatures within 60 seconds
Find all the Biomes
Collect 60,000+ studs in a single streak (no more than a 2 second gap between each stud collected)
Defeat 7 enemies in a streak (with a maximum 12 second gap in between)
Skydive uninterrupted from the highest point possible to the lowest point possible!
Dive continually for 3+ minutes
Splat a seagull with the paint-ball gun while it's mid-flight
Play an instrument next to another player, who's playing a different instrument
Play bagpipes to a brown bull
Play the trumpet to an Elephant
Have 5 squirrels following you around at the same time
Chase down and ride a Pig
Chase down and ride a Sheep
Blow up another player with a ridden Dragon fire ball
Start your Adventure!
Collect 3 Gold Bricks
Collect 10 Gold Bricks
Collect 15 Gold Bricks
Collect 20 Gold Bricks
Collect 25 Gold Bricks
Collect 30 Gold Bricks
Collect 40 Gold Bricks
Collect 50 Gold Bricks
Collect 65 Gold Bricks
Collect 80 Gold Bricks
Collect 100 Gold Bricks
Find and walk around a Town
Find an item in a chest
Take a picture of a posing character
Find the Legendary 1x1 Brick
Find the Legendary 1x2 Brick
Find the Legendary 2x2 Brick
Find the Legendary 2x3 Brick
Find the Legendary 2x4 Brick
Find the Legendary 1x2 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 2x2 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 1x3 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 2x3 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 1x4 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 2x4 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 1x2x3 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 2x2x3 Slope Brick
Find the Legendary 2x2 Corner Brick
Find the Legendary 3x3 Corner Brick
Bounce on Lava 7 times consecutively
Play all the musical note bricks within 10 seconds
Find a Dungeon
Ride a Shark on land
Collect all the brick elements
Catch a Troublemaker
Buy something from the night Trader
Collect a billion studs
Ride a Badger

Classic Space Pack DLC

Driving the Space Buggy, launch it into the air for 3 seconds
Defeat 8 Large Space Spiders within 40 seconds. Watch out for pincer attacks!
Play some lunar tunes on the moon with another player whilst using a different musical instrument
Take Intergalactic Girl to the Classic Space Biome (Moonwalking optional!)
Shoot 10 rockets from the mobile Rocket Launcher

Monsters Pack DLC

Create a single custom character, using a part from each of the new monster characters
Stake a claim to Monster Town by playing as the classic Vampire character in the Monsters pack
Play a guitar solo in the Monster Biome stage area in front of the crowd
Use the paintball gun to splatter paint on all the new monster characters
Collect Vampire & Lord Vampyre's Bride, then place them together in the Monsters castle