Trophy List

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Collect every trophy
100% the game
Build the Golden Dragon in the Hub
Complete all the main story levels
Complete Power Play
Complete all the challenges in the game
Complete all Multi-Part Challenges
Collect 100,000,000 studs
Collect 1,000,000 Studs
Collect 100,000 Studs
Collect all minikits
Collect and purchase all the red bricks
Unlock and purchase all the characters in the game
Unlock all Kai variations
Unlock all Jay variations
Unlock all Zane variations
Unlock all Cole variations
Unlock all Lloyd variations
Unlock all Skeletons
Unlock all Snakes
Use every red brick at least once to complete a level
Defeat 500 Nindroids
Defeat 50 Nindroids holding shields
Defeat 25 Nindroids that shoots lasers
Defeat 100 enemies using special moves
Defeat 25 enemies using grab attacks
Defeat 10 enemies using jump slam attack
Defeat 10 enemies with LEGO fire
Defeat 20 Mechs by jumping on their backs
Stomp on 50 objects using mechs
Complete Easy difficulty in the Dojo
Complete Medium difficulty in the Dojo
Complete Hard difficulty in the Dojo
Complete the hacking minigame 10 times
Smash 500 objects
Smash 25 fire hydrants
Build 50 build-its
Unlock the Hub